Tattoo Art by Chad Hunt

Posted by Johanna Ortiz , Wednesday, December 28, 2016 4:24 AM

Chad Hunt is Tattoo artist at Name Brand Tattoo in Ann Arbor, MI. He shows his creative way when expressing his art on customer's skin while adding his signature style.

For more information or to get in contact with the artist send an email to

Or visit the tattoo studio by clicking on the link below

( You can also visit his Instagram profile = @chadhunttattoo )

Tattoo art by Luis Gil

Posted by Johanna Ortiz , Tuesday, December 27, 2016 2:36 AM

21 y.o. Venezuelan Tattoo Artist living in Miami, Florida. Great skills, awesome detail. Luis can be found at Dream Big Tattoos in Miami. For appointments call the phone number brlow or send him a direct message on instagram ( @luisgil_art ).

Dream Big Tattoos: 1(786) 343-5766

Tattoo Artist Cødy Eich

Posted by Johanna Ortiz 2:06 AM

A unique style, a reputable artist with a huge fan base. Those who wear his art in their bodies know this. Cødy has made a name in the industry by being unique and come up with a concept not just anyone can achieve. 

To see more of Cødy's art and contact him click on the link below.

Tattoo Art by Victor Rodriguez

Posted by Johanna Ortiz 1:44 AM

Amazing detail describe this piece executed by Victor Rodríguez, great color and wonderful visual appeal can be enjoyed by looking at this creative piece. 

Victor Rodriguez works at Club Tattoo in Las Vegas. 

Tattoo art by Brandon Schultheis

Posted by Johanna Ortiz , Tuesday, December 20, 2016 10:58 PM

Amazing sleeve, unique way to combine colors to make the art stand out. This piece was executed by Brandon Schultheis at Tattoo Afterlife, located in Long Island, New York. Go to @InkedPlus on Instagram to get to his profile and look at his outstanding artistic skills. 

Tattoo art by Sam Kane

Posted by Johanna Ortiz 5:59 AM

Super cool and interesting piece that says a story, Sam Kane is well known for his approach, uniqueness and signature style. Sam can be found at a tattoo studio in New South, Wales, Australia. 

For more information on the artist visit his Instagram profile which can be found y through @InkedPlus ... 

Tattoo art by Led Coult

Posted by Johanna Ortiz 5:45 AM

This amazing bear was recently executed by Led Coult ( Brazil ), everything is in the detail, this artist own his outstanding skills. 

For contact information on this artist go to @InkedPlus on Instagram.

The Amazing Art of Caterina Molin

Posted by Johanna Ortiz 5:36 AM

This really got my attention, I've seen many Hannya Masks but none like this one. The detail, the amazing combination of colors, the size and placement. Everything about this piece states perfection while maintaining a traditional appeal. Caterina Molin had done again an outstanding job. Go to inked plus on Instagram ( @InkedPlus ) and take a look at more of her amazing works of art. 

Tattoo art by Eno

Posted by Johanna Ortiz , Sunday, December 18, 2016 10:34 PM

Recently finished work on a customer's back by Eno. Eno can be found at Big Trouble Tattoo located in North Park, SD CA. To check more of his art go to @InkedPlus on Instagram, get in contact with the artist as well as stay up to date with his work. 

Koru Tribal Tattoo

Posted by Johanna Ortiz 8:47 PM

Koru Tribal tattoo by Steve Ma Ching... go to Inked Plus in Instagram to see more en of his amazing work and get in touch with him as well. #SteveMaChing