The Privilege of Good Art

Posted by Johanna Ortiz , Tuesday, August 12, 2014 6:38 PM

Finding a good / reputable artist could be a hard task, but doing research is always good to get the desired outcome and highest quality work performed. Inked Plus has made finding an artist quite easy than usual by always sharing the work of the best artists from anywhere while being flexible enough to accept photos / videos submitted by the artists themselves. A great thing has been the artists using #InkedPlus to share their art. Inked Plus always check the Hashtag and when an impressive work of art is spotted it is shared. 

Tattoo art by Jyrke Savolainen 

For example: The artist who did this amazing art is someone whose works of art I spotted and thought of it as fantastic, therefore I chose to share his art for the rest of the world to see. The colors, details, design, location as well as skills is something I look for before I share, is not sharing randomly is sharing the best, the most outstanding works. My followers expect the best to be shared and I cannot let them down, it has been amazing to get to know the work of many artists who appreciate my support as much as the support of my followers. 

Tattoo art by Aga Yadou 

Inked Plus has recently opted to accept video submissions and shout out from followers (artists and enthusiasts as well). Keeping the concept and quality of amazing artists from around the globe while being flexible to acknowledge, respond, greet and be fair. Getting to know about the latest trends in tattoo art as well as the classic style is always a top priority, and Inked Plus is always grateful to have followers spreading the word about the artwork shared. 

Your support is always highly appreciated